Abstract Artist Sona Mirzaei

Sona Mirzaei

Abstract Artist: Sona Mirzaei
Medium: Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media
Website: www.sonaart.com

As an artist my greatest ambition is to help others appreciate the beauty and potential of any given space, and my commitment to the process of creating visual arts pursues the perfect balance of exploring my creativity while also incorporating a range of what I think are universally fascinating subjects. I believe that every person should be able to live or work in an environment that provides an appealing aesthetic; the addition of unique and original artwork has the ability to brighten and intensify any desired ambiance. From the array of different colors from bold and bright to chromatic and muted to the variety of materials used, these factors give insight into the mood I am trying to create for each piece in addition to serving as an outlet for displaying my eclectic taste. I especially like working in mixed media because I find it challenging to work with several different mediums while still making each piece a cohesive piece of artwork.

Sona Mirzaei is a contemporary artist and native of Los Angeles. Building on an innate interest in art evident in her early life when she was still in grammar school, Sona took advantage of a rather unorthodox upbringing and indulged her interest in the arts, sports – notably soccer, figure skating and ballet. The combination of events in her family and exposure to the LA art community led to her finding full expression through her own artwork, producing a series of collages, acrylics, oil paintings, etchings and sculptures in art class that would presage her career as a full time artist.

Diversity defines her work and bridges her outlook on life with the creative expression of her many interests including music, classic literature, world history, daily interaction with people, international politics, philosophy, cinema, fashion, and traveling. Sona is a new and vibrant force in the International art community with the artistically pure goal of continuing to evolve and create artistic magic thorough the power of the visual medium which she believes has the power to transform and transcend virtually any idea. As an artist Sona believes that her creative tools should be used make the world a better place.

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