Abstract Artist Harry Gruenert

Harry Gruenert


Artist: Harry Gruenert
Medium: Acrylic on Wood / Canvas
Website: www.hgwest.com

My work is about the thought provoking process when perception is not absolutely clear, recognizable objects are missing. Other tools are used besides brushes to create my paintings and my work is almost never predetermined. chance, coincidence, destruction and multilayered paint are involved in the creation of my work.

Harry Gruenert’s passion for surface and color appeals to many enthusiasts of contemporary art. His large and challenging paintings convey his rich sense of the mystery of abstract art and the importance of texture, authenticity and concreteness. His arresting work is gaining growing attention from both collectors and art connoisseurs. “Harry Gruenert’s paintings are both delicate and intelligent,” says Downs, the proprietor of the Dezart One Art Gallery in Palm Springs, Calif. “In striking this balance between mind and matter, Gruenert recalls Rothko’s grand artistic search.”  Gruenert came to painting in mid-life, after years as a master craftsman who worked with wood and finished surfaces. He was born in Germany in 1955 and came to the US in 1983. Gruenert paints primarly on wood panels, which he builds himself. “Harry’s abstract work on panel conveys a vigorous physicality of movement and space under a surface worked to a smooth sophistication,” says Meredith Pelino, owner of Artscape Gallery in Walnut Creek, Calif. Age and authenticity is central to Gruenert’s artistic conception. The surface of many of his paintings seem supernaturally old, the result of a process of painting that draws on his patience and persistence. Mr. Gruenert is currently represented by galleries in California and in British Columbia, Canada.


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