Abstract Artist Tim O'Connell

Tim O’ Connell

Abstract Artist: Tim O’Connell
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.suncreekroad.com 

My works are explorations into the world of color. I strive to leadthe viewer’s eye around the canvas using mixtures of warm and cool color, sweet and sour, light and dark, muted and vibrant color. This produces designs which can be rotated to reveal new impressions. I do not sign the canvasses on the face, but rather on the gallery wrap edges so they can be hung in any direction. Sometimes in the gallery we rotate the pieces for various showings to experiment with the ways the eye moves around the design.

Tim O’Connell has been following a creative path from his earliest memories. His latest artistic expressions are abstract explorations using acrylic on canvas. O’Connell’s current “atmospheric” vision has been called everything from “space photos from the Hubble” to “Rorschach inkblots” where you the viewer apply your own interpretation. The pieces feature vibrant color and smoky patterns that convey “other-worldly” themes and evoke shifting moods from heavy to light, placid to electric.

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