Jaison Cianelli

Jaison Cianelli

Abstract Artist: Jaison Cianelli
Medium: Mixed Media, Digital
Website:  www.cianellistudios.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/cianellistudios

My art is connecting with the creative expression that manifests by being grateful for life and observing the natural world. To connect I feel incredibly happy. Through my art I hope to inspire others and share the positive energy I receive.

Jaison Cianelli (b. 1980) is a self-taught American abstract energy artist who is collected all over the world. At the heart of his work is a desire to express his joy of life with others. Cianelli specializes in large contemporary abstract energy art paintings and abstract landscape paintings.  He is interested in vibrating energy, waves of light, layered movement, and colors that are able to evoke feelings and express a part of nature. He explores both motion and rest, liveliness and tranquility; the ebb and flow of the constant and every changing rhythms in life. Cianelli’s abstract paintings have been observed as uniquely uplifting, having an energy and emotion that positively impacts the senses. Jaison Cianelli is a passionate artist dedicated to taking his art and his career to new levels. His work can be found in homes, fine art galleries, hospitals, and holistic minded businesses across the country and around the world. Major installations and collections are located in Australia, Canada, and the United States. For more information visit his Cianelli Studios website.

Large Abstract Paintings by Cianelli

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