Abstract Artist Evelyn Collins

Evelyn Collins

Abstract Artist: Evelyn Collins
Medium: Digital
Website:  fineartamerica.com/profiles/evelyn-collins.html

I like colors and art that touch me inside and make me hear whispers and unwritten words.

Evelyn Collins lives in Quebec and is interested in fractal art creations. She mainly uses Apophysis , Ultra Fractal and Mandelbulb 3D as fractal generators. She enjoys being on a continuous learning curve letting colors and shapes speak to her. To her, fractals are more than geometric shapes.They can become expressive and creative. She considers fractals like a form of poetry. Everything starts from a point or a line… And then, the colors and the movements send out the vibration all around and transform this into an image that can be seen and felt. Szellorózsa is another name she uses for her art. Szellorózsa means Wind Rose, a symbol that has a very personal meaning to her.

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