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Blake McArthur

Abstract Artist: Blake McArthur
Medium: Acrylic
Website:  www.blakemcarthur.com

My paintings are born from something deep within me, something that even I myself don’t fully understand. Music is a big part of the creative process for me. When I paint, I immerse myself in music, and allow my hand to be guided by the emotions that the music stirs within me. I seek not to create representations of real things, but rather to allow colors, shapes and textures to blend to create their own reality. As a child, I revelled in discovering the hidden shapes held by the clouds, and now I revel in being able to create my own acrylic clouds, filled with hidden worlds waiting to be discovered by the viewer.

Blake is an emerging abstract artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). He began painting in spring of 2008 after a lifetime appreciation of art, with a particular fondness for abstract rather than representational works. Blake strives to create pieces which are rich in color, shapes and texture, and which allow the viewer to explore and discover on their own, without the constraints of realism imposing a view of what they “should” be seeing. He considers his most succesful pieces to be those that result in the greatest number of unique interpretations. He refers to his style as “Abstract Perceptionism”, as he believes that each viewer will perceive each piece in their own unique way, based on their own personal frames of reference. His work, which has been described as both organic and industrial at the same time, can be found in both public and private collections across Canada, and in the United States. He currenly works with acrylics on both paper and canvas.

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