Abstract Art Painting by Abstract Artist Anne Grandin

Anne Grandin

Artist: Anne Grandin
Medium: Oil, Spray Paint
Website:  www.grandinart.com

My work is based on the Native American Faith Circle or Living Circle. In the Circle all life exists in harmony and peace. All of us have our own circle our own journey. It is my hope that we all connect our circle in the big Living Circle so that all brothers and sisters of the world will live in peace and war will cease.

Anne is from Boston, Massachusetts. She was a teacher until her son turned 7 and then realized she wanted to paint. She received a MFA in Art Education from Boston University and her thesis was on the Ethnology of the Iroquois Indians. She learned about their spirituality and their love of the land. Her first paintings were all circles and it was then she realized that she was painting the Native American Faith of Living Circle. After 6 painful shoulder surgeries, she realized she wanted to spread the message of the Living Circle and peace. Since then her work has appeared in Sausalito,(Ca.), Arizona, New York, Martha’s Vineyard (MA.), Uganda, South Africa, Italy and Vienna. She will have a solo show at The prestigious Copley Society on Newbury St in Boston, MA in May 2011.

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