Abstract Art by Abstract Artist Amie Williams

Amie Williams


Abstract Artist: Amie Williams
Medium: Acrylic
Website:  artbyamie.net

The greatest inspirations for my paintings have come to me from widely varied influences in my life. I paint my darkest memories and emotional pain, and I paint from daily pleasures and wonderful experiences in my life. I capture a sensation, an emotion, or a distinct memory; hence, my work is an embodiment of both my spirit and my soul: the good and the bad. In my current work I seldom abstract from a specific being or object in the material world. Instead I chose to incorporate emotive color, abstract shapes and surface texture to create a visual metaphor. My most satisfying moments have come to me while working at a canvas. With the flick of my brush, a dab of color, a curl of paint, I have expressed my individuality and uniqueness in front of me. The result: when people admire my work, they see directly into my soul, which makes me extremely happy, and at the same time, even appreciative for the many experiences and people that have shaped my life and made me the person I am today.

In the spare time from her career as a Mechanical Designer for the Oil and Gas services company Cameron Inc., Houston, TX, Amie Williams produces abstract art. Originally trained in the Classical Arts, Amie holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, where she appeared on The Dean’s list and President’s list in multiple terms. At Lamar, Amie was fortunate to study under such esteemed professors as Meredith Jack, of Houston, Texas and the late Jerry Newman, who in 1981 was named Official Texas State Artist by The Texas Commission on the Arts. Her undergraduate work garnered outstanding reviews from professors and fellow students alike. Thematically, Amie is inspired by Energy. Amie seeks to probe various aspects of Organic, Kinetic, Gravitational, and Spiritual; Esotericism. Her underlying premise is: “The universal life-force of energy flows within and between all things and beings.” Amie’s pragmatic philosophy toward acrylic on canvas is also demonstrated by innovative techniques. One hallmark procedure employs broad brushstrokes covered by finite lines laid by precisely ejecting wet acrylic from paint-filled tubes. Amie also uses her drafting expertise in the planning stage on blank canvas. Her nascent, burgeoning body of work immerses the viewer into her diverse world of abstracts. Her placement of acrylic colors and shapes is influenced by such artists as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollack and Wassily Kandinsky, through their understanding of energy put to canvas. Bright colors and brooding depth proliferate through her paintings. The results encompass a broad spectrum of textures and effects. Lastly, Amie’s art is deeply therapeutic for her; she hopes this to be true for others. Art, with energy, heals through vibrations of color and interactions with the soul. Amie’s goal is to touch others and inspire the lives of people who experience her paintings. Viewers capture a glimpse inside her mind’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions manifested in colors, shapes, and textures.

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