Wim Zorn

Artist: Wim Zorn
Medium: Acrylic, Oil, Pigment, Bamboo, Binding Agent
Website:  www.wimzorn.nl

Learn to trust on feelings and intuition.

Wim Zorn seeks a subtle balance between spontaneity and reflection. Although the art of painting is the leitmotif of the life of Wim Zorn (Utrecht 1940), he only completely commited himself to it in 1998. The passion never truly went away; it always lingered in the background. In 1957 the young artist sold his first paintings via art dealer Schoonheim in Utrecht. In addition, he sang with John Kristel and his orchestra and was repeatedly described as the Dutch Bing Crosby. To make ends meet he assisted with the painting of movie posters. Later on he worked as photographic illustrator, and head of publicity for the Stork Jaffa machine works and as international advertisement coordinator for VMF Stork. From 1972 to 1974 Zorn was account director with the Bauduin advertising agency in Amsterdam. From 1974 to 1998 he freelanced as owner and director of the Zorn advertising and marketing agency. In 1998 both business and personal circumstances caused him to break with the world of advertising. He moved to Friesland to fully dedicate himself to his great passion: the art of painting.

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