Abstract Artist Vivian Anderson

Vivian Anderson

Abstract Artist: Vivian Anderson
Medium: Oil, Acrylic
Website:  www.viviansartworks.com

I am a practicing artist of 25 years commitment to making my abstractions, via oils, acrylics, drawings. Some of my work is semi-abstract, a step away from realism, in order to afford me personal expression about my subjects. Colour is the biggest stimlation for me, all aspects of the hues that resonate with my particular limited palette way of working. And then, there are the times that pure abstraction is the only answer. Being diversified is my nature, Diversity is my Art.

Vivian has been painting and drawing all her life. In her mature years, and in her latest place of living, she has developed her own style of abstraction, much reliant on the nuances of the limited palette. But, as always, there are those ‘subjects’ that are best done as semi-abstracts, and always she is true to her oeuvre. Vivian is resident in Sydney Australia, and has lived and worked on four continents. Most of her ‘new’ work has come from years of study and painting, and has developed into abstraction with a basis in reality – her reality, of colour and form.

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