The Abstract Artist Gallery is one of the most appealing and dynamic sites I’ve come across…and I am extremely pleased to have had my art become part of the gallery. – Susie Kelly Flatau

THANK YOU SO MUCH Abstract Artist Gallery for sharing my art! I am eternally grateful for your generous help. This is a blessing and I am truly touched! Thank you! – Orlando L.

Many thanks for the reception on your very nice website! and your excellent support! – Mike & Madi Bülow.

I think the website looks great, the changes are nice and fresh. You do such a great job of the site. It keeps me inspired to do abstract art. The contest looks interesting too. It has me motivated to get going on some new paintings. And to be BOLD! Sometimes I walk around with paintings in my head for too long before they actually get to the canvas. I look forward to seeing more of everyone’s work. You’ve created a bit of an international community with the site.  Next you’ll have to start organizing local potlucks of abstract artists around the world! – Jennifer Zizman

A Fantastic Find!   I was trying to find an association of some kind for Abstract Artists, when I came across the Abstract Artist Gallery .  Being that abstract art is 100% my thing, I definitely wanted to be a part of it.  It’s so awesome to have so must wonderful art of the genre I love in one place, and it is definitely inspiring to read the artist statements and why and how they do what they do.  I am very happy to be part of this group of talented artists. – Linda Langerak

You are quick! So far visitors on my site via you….not bad! Good in comparing other sites! – Jan van Oort

Some abstract artists are involved in your site and part of my artist friends circle – they have advised me to look you up through linked-in and facebook. I must say I like the site and the idea behind it. As an abstract artists myself (mainly) I totally understand where you are coming from. Keep up the fantastic work and I wish you every success. – Tony Broadbent

Great…I think cycling the artists who have been around for a while is terrific…Thanks for all you are doing to bring attention to awesome abstract art! – Anne Grandin

Thank you so much. I will spread the word, however I don’t know many abstract artists, we seem to be a rare breed of artists. I can’t believe I am on your website. I am very excited. – Penelope Paige

Thank you very much for accepting my work on your site.  I’ve just added Abstract Artist Gallery as a link on my homepage…All the very best with this. Kind Regards. – Kerrie Warren 

First of all, thank you for your kind words about my work, and for including me within your site. I have stumbled upon several art sites, but I don’t recall ever being as impressed by the quality of work that I have seen on a site before. It is indeed an honor to be included among the other artists on your site. – Blake McArthur

Thank you Jaison, for your hard work organizing and creating this site! – Marissa Vogl

I’ve noticed visitors to my site being referred from your site, keep up the great work !! – Steven Montgomery

There are not enough adjectives to describe the creativity and quality of  work on  the AbstractArtistGallery web site.  Thank you for going outside the box and taking a chance with the AbstractArtistGallery.  This is a new community – a new decade for all of us to support one another as Artists. – Linda Wiltz

Thanks for all your great work Jaison! I’m honored to be on the site. – Carri MaKenna

Thank you so much. This is an honor. I love the site and the link is now on my own site.  – Stephen St. Claire

I think that this site is great!  Wonderful thinking.  I will certainly spread the word! – Molly Courcelle

I am checking on the artists that are accepted and I felt it is a stunning group! I linked to my website, and am telling others who like abstract to look at it. Thx for your expansive thinking! – Karen Weihs

This site just keeps getting better! – Mickey Bond

It’s great to see so much really good abstract images in one place. – Alan Soffer

Wow! I came to this page for my first visit and I see my painting! Thank you so much! – Monica Linville (Reference to her image on Facebook)

Thank you, also, for allowing me in to such an amazing group!  There are lots of artists’ groups out there but www.abstractartistgallery.org truly has an elevated caliber of artists.  There is a good variety but enough cohesion that validates the integrity of the organization –  Meg Rieke

Thanks for putting me on there, it’s a great site & getting more exposure day by day. – Steven Montgomery