Abstract Art by Abstract Artist Teresa Castaneda

Teresa Castaneda

Abstract Art by Abstract Artist Teresa Castaneda
Abstract Artist: Teresa Castaneda
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Email: paintbrush30@hotmail.com 

I have recently run into programing errors with my webpage temporarily unrepairable for an artist’s brain. I have been able to post a few prints recognized with a National Endowment of the Arts award. Luckily for me I can move and speak easily in several mediums. I successfully sold and showed in: printmaking, photography, drawing, jewelry, and now in paint. The idea behind my current style (white paintings) is the concept of painting, it’s intent, it’s strokes, minus the color…Thank you.

Teresa Castaneda is a third generation artist fourth generation Colorado native. Her graduation from college was quickly welcomed by publishers and galleries. Soon after her inventiveness was recognized in over 100 national art shows and finally with a National Endowment of the Arts Award. Teresa is also an acomplished jeweler contracted by Denver retailers. Her recent recycling venture in creating a rose business from toilet paper cores blossemed to 10 retailers. Her hobbies, also artistically inclined, involve creative venues in sharing art playgrounds made from recycled materials. These creations have been included in Food and Toy drives for low income families, contracted by The Denver County Fair and The Denver Art Museum.

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