abstract-art-gallery-susie-kelly-flatau-The Dance

Susie Kelly Flatau

Abstract Artist: Susie Kelly Flatau
Medium: Acrylic
Website:  www.susiekellyflatau.com

My paintings are inspired by sacred moments, fractions of thoughts, brief encounters, glimpses of ideas. Most often, my works begin as representational sketches. However, it is through an intuitive process that allows for the unpredictable that bold and dramatic colors are added, subtracted, and layered. The original image flows into a continuum of texture, depth, emotion, movement and brush strokes that dance into abstraction. Preferred paint tools are a variety of palette knives, scrapers, spatulas, corks, torn cardboard, bottle caps and any such sundry objects. Even when a work results in a representational rendering, there is a hint of the abstract and whimsy.

Following a successful career as an educator, writer, and designer-facilitator of various creative ventures, Susie Kelly Flatau began pursuing her passion for painting. She is a self-taught artist who continues to obtain knowledge of painting through work and connections with talented, artistic circles of artists and creators. As a collector of Susie’s art, you will experience the many influences that shape her mind’s eye and her inner spirit. Susie understands the rules, but gives herself permission to break them. Susie works out of her home studio in Orchard Park, New York, where she and her husband reside and serve as loving caretakers of their ranch-style home. From their hilltop view, they enjoy the vista of rolling hills surrounding their five acres of natural landscape. Life is good.

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