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Susanne Darius

Artist: Susanne Darius
Medium: Oil
Website: www.suedarius.com

I try to capture some of the drama of the natural world in my paintings; beautiful moments in the outdoors that, when painted, will last a lifetime, inside, on someone’s walls. I find that when I look at a well executed painting I am transported and uplifted. That is what I want to do for the viewer – allow them to be transported, enchanted. Some of my work is painted in a softer palette, not as dramatic as others, to persuade the mind to be still in a peaceful place.

Whatever the subject matter, Susanne’s paintings usually work into a series because the the soul of the image cannot be translated in just one painting, but must be thoroughly explored. Susanne Darius is an innovative emerging West Coast artist. Whether an image is portrayed in a landscape or as an abstract depends on the creative process and the artist’s eye. The warm Spanish countryside has influenced Darius’ work by transforming and cementing her landscape style, but the mercurial artistic path sometimes leads to stunning rock faces with protruding sculpture or very modern representations of birch trees on a dark background.

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