Abstract Art Susan Prinz Fireworks

Susan Prinz

Abstract Artist: Susan Prinz
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website:  www.susanprinz.com

I love color and texture in art so I use a lot of both of them in my paintings. I create abstract art because of the free flowing and limitless potential of what the results can be at the end of my work. I can use any colors, design, thoughts, and feelings and let them flow onto the canvas and keep moving with the painting as it evolves. It is fun and exciting to create paintings like this with no limits or boundaries. It really is a liberating experience to go with the flow and not try to control it just enjoys what you see and make it better as I go along until the painting is completed in my mind. I’m often surprised at the diverse results that end up on the canvas as I allow my imagination to guide the creative process. Working primarily with acrylics I enjoy exploring the relationship of colors to one another and how adding texture to the canvas, using paint or materials, changes that relationship. I also employ geometric designs in many of my pieces exploring the special relationships created by various figures, objects and symbols.

Susan Prinz is an award winning abstract artist working primarily in acrylics but also has done works with watercolors, pastels, oils and two dimensional mixed-media. The majority of her current work is abstract. Influenced primarily by her father, Robert Kevin, an award winning artist in his own right, Susan has had a lifelong passion for all forms of creativity and has also produced pottery pieces, stained glass and sculptures.

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