Abstract Artists Serge Charakhanian

Serge Gharakhanian


Abstract Artist: Serge Gharakhanian
Medium: Photograph of Chemicals, Mixed Media
Website: www.giminiart.comĀ 

Giminiart is a collection of work that starts from liquid form and ends on canvas through photography. Finished off with gels and acrylics.

Serge Gharakhanian is an Armenian American master cabinetmaker, finisher, artist, and photographer. He settled in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with his family in 1978. He began an apprenticeship at a high-end cabinet shop in the summer of 1987, working along side old world masters in woodwork and finishing. Honing his craft with each project he founded Higher Image Inc. on July of 1993, specializing in designing, manufacturing, finishing and installing high quality custom woodwork. By 2011 Giminiart was incorporated and abstract art became his passion. Serge looks forward to making a difference with art through charities and awareness for causes that he values.

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