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Scott Price

Artist: Scott Price
Medium: Digital, Acrylic Glass
Website:  www.innerhandshaping.com

My entry in being an artist was purely accidental. I went on a wilderness self-reflection trip and when I got home and edited my photos, I discovered some images that had exquisite spiritual shapes in them which were through automatic creative process became my first abstracts extracted from nature. Everyone is an artist, from cooking to singing to how they do their hair. I just produce these images in a larger scale and vibrancy that transforms the environment and the viewer. My art has a strange familiarity to it as the core of the pieces are actual photos of real objects, this process opens the doorway to self-reflection and contemplation over the illusion of individual perspective.

Scott Price was born the youngest of six children in Calgary, CANADA in 1969. He spent nearly seventeen years traveling around the globe as a competitive cyclist before shifting into coaching and consulting focused on bringing clarity and revealing true wisdom and purpose with his clients. In addition to his large format abstract art, he is soon to release the book “Awaken Human Potential.” You can email Scott in relation to his art and have a one on one consultation.

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