Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher

Abstract Artist: Scott Fisher
Medium: Acrylic

I am an Abstract Expressionist… a painter. The idea for me is not to be contrived and paint out of necessity, for any one reason. It’s a need to satisfy the interruption of everything we as a society refer to as normal. I do not avoid the accident as past Expressionists have proclaimed. I encourage the accident. I enjoy the sense of not having control over the painting at all times. Evolution of the work has to feel natural.  I heard someone once say that all great ideas come from unpromising beginnings. I found this statement to be profound in regards to my approach with making art. As humans I feel we inherit limitations. My work up to this point has been a method of breaking through such obstacles. The starting point being the use of creative expression, becoming spiritual translation of inner concepts into form. I use a variety of materials and processes in each painting to achieve the emotional reflection of the idea itself. I have literally spit paint from my mouth onto the canvas in an attempt to not break the flow of the creative inner language.  I have no idea what the true definition of art really means. What it may seem to me is most likely a very different experience for you. I have learned that if it is real and sincere, then you cannot fake it. I take no real ownership of the art itself. The highest respect I can hold for my work is the understanding that it was never mine to begin with. I am the temporary messenger connected to something that I may never be able to completely understand, much less put into words. So, the title Abstract Expressionism is one way to define my work, or something more simple, as I would prefer, Emotion in Motion.

Scott Fisher (1974- ) was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. Coming from a family of musicians and artists, he began classical guitar studies at the early age of four. Eventually Scott would discover the world of Rock n Roll, which led him down a path into songwriting and performance. He was a Sony World recording artist in his 20’s and continued to perform and record into his early 30’s. His vision for his music could be compared to that of a painter and his art. Scott liked using experience and visuals as a template to create his art of music and would start to see a parallel between the two.

In 2007 due to medical circumstances he entered Georgetown Hospital with multiple organ failure. He was treated for failing kidneys and was placed onto life support for 3 weeks. Scott would recover fully and be discharged a month later. Due to his immobility upon his release he found that simple tasks such as walking or playing music were much too difficult. He decided to pursue painting as a new creative expression. With no previous training in the art of painting he felt Abstract Expressionism was not only a creative outlet, but a form of emotional healing as well. Scott had admired such painters as Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and Edward Calvin Ramsburg. Eventually he started painting constantly– setting up a make shift studio in the stairwell of his one-room studio loft where he currently resides. There, he painted what would become his first two series of paintings over the next year and a half. Ultimately, Scott began catching the attention of local artists who seemed to admire his emotional, uncontrived style of painting. No intentional thought was put into the painting, as much as just pure emotion, combined with allowing the paintings to feel as if they painted themselves. Periodically, Scott refuses to pick up a brush for weeks at a time to allow the process to feel completely natural rather than forced. Scott Fisher enters himself through his art, and in doing so, reveals the universal, hidden complexities of being human.

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