Abstract Art by Abstract Artist Samantha Lesley

Samantha Lesley

Abstract Artist: Samantha Lesley
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website: Facebook Website

Using a mixed palette, my work shows the physical gesture in the way I scrape the paint in different directions, to create a textured piece which the audience can interpret in their own way. I am interested in the process of painting and how different colours are mixed together to create a ‘torn’ effect. I started to look at cityscapes from a bird’s eye point of view. Throughout researching different artists I have been looking at Peit Mondrian as he has a big influence on me from past works I have produced. Gerhard Richter was another artist who has given me a lot of inspiration for using the scraping technique as this became a very important in my work.

An artist who specializes in abstract painting. Samantha Lesley is 23 years old and was born in North London. She graduated from Middlesex University after studying and receiving a BA Fine Art in 2011.

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