Abstract Art by Abstract Artists Ruth Andre

Ruth Andre

Abstract Artist: Ruth Andre
Medium: Oil
Website: www.ruthandre.com

Painting in the abstract has been an awakening, revealing the inner spirit of my heart. The paint moves from palette knife to canvas releasing the paint to tell its own story. My hand holds the energy from within as the mixing of the paint colors ignite. May the painted images fill you with thoughts of quiet and peacefulness.

Ruth Andre studied art and design at California State Long Beach as well as printmaking at Otis/Parsons Art Institute. Her interest in art led her to a career representing artists and photographers located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Then in 1992 she took her first painting workshop with Maurice Larioux in Santa Fe, NM and she was hooked on painting. Ruth continued studying on her own and taking workshops with known artists to learn the art of painting. She has been involved with art for most of her life. Printmaking, fiber-sculpture and graphic design are all part of who she is, but painting is Ruth’s true love. Ruth look to her previous careers as very important, since they were a molding of different mediums that formed what she does today. Ruth’s paintings are contemporary abstract oils-palette knife on canvas.

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