Abstract Art Painting by Ronit Kristal (#4)

Ronit Kristal

Abstract Artist: Ronit Kristal
Medium: Digital Painting
Website: www.facebook.com

I’m drawn to the wild netare but with endless possibilities of the computer program. When I find the texture, color, and shape I want that’s the moment I feel happy and balanced.

The rhythms and repetitions in Kristal’s work evoke a myriad of emotions, drawing the viewer to ideas on the wildness of the natural world. The opposing aspects of nature, both deconstructive and reconstructive, are evident as the artist strives for a harmonious outcome. The abstract nature of her work feels alien in some respects and yet there is always a texture or colour which gives an aspect of the familiar. Scale is irrelevant as macrocosm and microcosm become interchangeable. Turbulence is balanced with calm as Kristal searches for an inner completeness.

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