Abstract Artists Richard Fisher

Richard Fisher

Abstract Artist: Richard Fisher
Medium: Digital, Mixed Media
Website: www.MINDWORKSart.com

Carl Jung was a pioneer in the exploration of the unconscious mind. Dreams, fantasies, myths and free associations were some of his tools of exploration. Calming his mind and allowing thoughts and fantasies to rise up to consciousness were part of the process. MINDWORKS are drawing meditations, images rising from the unconscious mind. These drawing meditations art then digitized and modified in the computer. MINDWORKS are a process of discovery, art put to the service of self-realization for the artist as well as the viewer.

Since the early 1950’s Richard have been continually involved with visual arts: BA degree from Pennsylvania State University, fine arts major; MA degree from Columbia University, Teachers’ College, fine arts major; Parsons School of Design, advertising curriculum: Brooklyn Museum of Art, oil painting with Reuben Tam; extensive professional experience in textile design, packaging design graphics, corporate identity programs, and finally teaching textile/surface design graphics for industry for 22 years at the Fashion Institute of Technology (State University of New York) in New York City. While at FIT, in collaboration with a fellow faculty member, Dorothy Wolfthal, he wrote the department textbook: Textile Print Design, Fairchild Publications,1987.

In the 1970’s he began to develop his own unique approach to art and the creative processes. At the core of this work are drawing meditations–images rising from the unconscious mind. With the advent of sophisticated computer and print technology he shifted from paint and brush to digital art on the computer. Inspired by Carl Jung, (the psychology of the mind), Anton Erhnesweig (the education of vision), Henry Reed (Channeling Your Higher Self), Leonardo da Vinci (on creativity), and by artists such as Hieronymous Bosch, William Blake, Odilon Redon, Giorgio Morandi to name few, Richard continues to explore the unconscious mind and to draw forth MINDWORKS imagery.

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