Abstract Artist Regina Reid

Regina Reid

Abstract Artist: Regina Reid
Medium: Oil
Website:  www.reginastudios.com

My work consists of exploration of line and color. I use a variety of lines by different media and objects to create the illusion of movement. This constant exploration to find the relationship between line and movement is very evident in my work. I am influenced by a range of artists including Jackson Pollock, Ivan Davenport, Jose Manuel Broto, and Pablo Picasso.

Regina Reid was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She came to the United States of America when she was 12 years old. She received her BA in Fine Arts at Kent State University in 2006. After graduation she started her own business Regina Studios, where she sells her creations. She has had several local exhibitions of her work and is still thriving to be a phenomenal artist. Her passion for art has her continually seeking and thriving to be great at what she does.

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