Abstract Painting by Abstract Artist Penelope Paige

Penelope Paige

Artist: Penelope Paige
Medium: Oil
Website:  www.saatchionline.com/satchartstudio

Seizing a moment, a split second of emotion, my paintings are the tangible outcome of intense passion. Unlike artists that recreate commonly viewed scenes or vistas of grandeur, my art is a visual expression of my immediate feeling. While they intricately render color onto the canvas with tiny brushes, the paint dramatically spurts and flows onto my surfaces. My work is personal in nature and needs no literal descriptions to communicate the feelings of which it is born, and amazingly viewers get it. Emotions, often hidden and frequently unspoken, are never truly suppressed. These secret emotions, so blatantly displayed on my canvases, speak to people on an unconscious level. I suspect that many of my viewers and most of my collectors have tangled with the same feelings at one time or another. I am often told that one of my paintings or another show exactly how a person feels. Normally a compliment, I absorb these kind words deep in my soul because for me, a canvas is more than an object it is the painter’s heart, soul, happiness, sadness and heartbreak. The canvas is my home.

Penelope Paige was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. She grew up in the John Carlyle House museum where her grandmother was the curator. Paige’s education is a mix of private and public schools. In 2007 she graduated with honors from SUNY Potsdam, in New York. In 2010 she graduated from Capella University, Minnesota with a master’s degree in psychology. Currently she is pursuing her PhD in psychology. Her husband suddenly passed away in 2009. His death compelled her to express her emotions in a productive way. She was apprehensive about showing her work to anyone because it was so different until a friend urged her to show her. What began as an emotional rescue from self-destruction and a way for Paige to stay connected to her late husband turned into a vibrant and dynamic career. Every day, Paige is grateful that the canvas gives her a place for her creativity to run free, a place where she feels perfectly happy and where her visual communications touch others so powerfully.

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