Patricia J. Finley


Abstract Artist: Patricia J. Finley
Medium: Acrylic Paint In Resin
Website: www.patriciajfinley.com

Abstract Art has always had a peculiar fascination for me. I love the fact that abstract art is enjoyed and seen differently by each person.  Each viewer brings their own experience and unique viewpoint to each piece of abstract Art. The differing perceptions and reactions of people to each piece are, for me, a large part of the wonder and beauty of being an Artist. A piece that seems to me to be a river running through a landscape is seen by others to be a human with his arms overhead about to dive. Vertical lines suggest willows to some viewers. Indeed, I have come to be reluctant to name a piece until other people see it and express what they see. People often say to me, “I don’t understand abstract art.” My response always is, “There is nothing to understand.” Art either speaks to one’s soul or it does not. There is no in between. An understanding of technique, color and composition may add to one’s enjoyment of the piece but that information will not, can not, change one’s visceral reaction to the piece. May my Art set your soul free and bring joy to your day.

Patricia J Finley was, in her former incarnation, a trial attorney. When she realized that her answer to the age-old question: “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” was “Art”, she stepped into the proverbial phone booth, changed from her business suit, briefcase and high heels into the blue jeans and far better footwear of an artist. Patricia lives and works in Denver, Colorado, and shows at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery as well as at various juried art fairs and in juried art shows in metropolitan Denver.

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