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Pat Stacy

Abstract Artist: Pat Stacy
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website:  www.patstacy.com

It is color that begs me to paint as well as the desire to share my inner world through the color and texture that I love. I paint every day, getting lost for hours in the creation of my work. Painting has become my passion, a gift of the great Creator that brings me much joy. My work is contemporary and abstract, very colorful and may contain symbols of my “thank you” to the Great Creator. These symbols may be an Entity with the light of the Creator touching the shoulder, descending squares denoting the entrance of the light of the Creator into the painting, or spirals, which for me are symbols of the journey to the center of being. It is my hope that my work touches you and even may make you smile!

Pat is a native of Arizona, USA, who loves the colors she sees around her in the purple mountains, blue skies, and warm earth. She has a Bachelor’s degree and Master of Counseling degree from Arizona State University. Upon retirement in 2007, Pat picked up a brush and began her journey into the color and texture you see in her work today. Starting in oils, she quickly moved into acrylics because it offered so much versatility for her. She has studied with master artists, and paints daily for many hours. She is a juried artist who has won ribbons in juried shows. Pat’s work reflects her deep spirituality and her love of color and texture. Her work may be seen at the Fountain Hills Artists Gallery, Fountain Hills, Arizona, and the Payson Artists of the Rim Gallery in Payson, AZ

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