Natalie Abrams Abstract Artist

Natalie Abrams


Abstract Artist: Natalie Abrams
Medium: Encaustic, Mixed Media

My work is a mapping of moments of visual and physical hypersensitivity. The other component is a reflection of our state of mind at that time; how the exterior is reflecting the interior. I call this dual reflection the “texture of a moment”. In these often three dimensional encaustic pieces which reach out toward the viewer, the format is typically long rectilinear representing a flash in time, a tick on a timeline. A fraction of a moment, focused on a specific event. The longer the moment, the more square the piece becomes.

A passionate environmentalist, Natalie Abrams’ abstract landscape works were first exhibited at the R&F Gallery in the three person show “Not Seeing the Forest”. Probably best know for her highly sculptural ribbon paintings, Abrams’ work has exhibited in national invitationals including the Third Annual Encaustic Invitational, again in Encaustic Works 07 as a highlighted artist, and in the 2010 book “Encaustic & Beyond”. A highly experimental and somewhat adventurous nature initially lead her to the encaustic medium. Love for the creamy liquid beeswax and densely pigmented colours have enabled her to manipulate and work the medium in both traditional and non-traditional means, stretching encaustic into new forms. An environmentalist and metalsmith located in Charlotte, NC, Abrams is currently working to expand her body of work, as well as plan the logistics of developing that body as she and her partner take off on their next adventure, a multi-year circumnavigation.

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