Abstract Artist Monika Jensen

Monika Jensen

Abstract Artist: Monika Jensen
Medium: Oil
Website:  www.monikajensenproductions.com

I start with a blank canvas and only an idea. The inspirations come from nature, emotions and forms that I see. My goal as an artist is to evoke the viewer’s senses and emotions with each piece. I have created both a Modern and Composition series in the development of colors and textures. There is always a flow or movement in my work through lines and texture. Vibrant colors are used to stimulate emotion and create a visual impact. As well, small details are incorporated to see more than what’s there in the picture at first glance. As an example, the piece called “Bird of Paradise”has flowers with foliage around it, but it also has the word “PArADIsE” spelt in it as well. Because of the oil medium that I use, I can create a 3-D visual effect when a viewer sees my paintings through 3-D glasses. Please view the Modern Series to see the painting. Many of my works have viewers looking for details; to see beyond what is apparent. I create an experience rather than just a beautiful painting.

Monika Jensen was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1974 after her parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia. She has lived in Calgary since birth. Her interests in art were very apparent from a very young age. As a child her interests always involved art classes. She explored all forms of art medium. In school she accelerated in art studies with honors and was given opportunities to take advanced art studies in high school. After graduation she was accepted into Alberta College of Art, where her main focus was painting. To broaden her experience and exposure in the art field, she applied to Mount Royal University’s Design Program. She was given a scholarship and graduated on the honor role. Her accomplishments also included receiving a Steelcase award in excellence in design. She has had exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec and has also shown in Calgary. Her subject matter in exploring nature has a modern, contemporary feel. She is recognized as one of the most imaginative, new painters in the twenty first century. Her works have an artistic flair and consist of a desirable texture that must be seen. The abstract forms, vibrant colors and motion in her designs, create a harmony that flows throughout each piece.

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