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Mickey Bond

Artist: Mickey Bond
Medium: Acrylic & Tree-Fiber Paper
Website: www.mickeybond.com

My mixed media series explore the mystery of creation by enabling nature’s influence on my paint and media. I’ve discovered that the surface of clayboards behaves a little like cold glass on a wintry night, providing (with my help) the right conditions for ice crystals to form delicate patterns and for acrylic media to freeze and splinter into organic crackles and snake skin designs. Nature is a true collaborator designing my under-paintings and influencing my composition. My series “Frozen Fire” features frozen acrylic paint and polymers combined with torn banana, mango and mulberry fiber paper from Japan, Thailand and Nepal. In my current landscape series, “From Tree Lines” I evoke the endless skies and desert landscapes of New Mexico, using the same materials as my abstract series.

Mickey Bond was born in Israel to parents from Poland & Bulgaria and later raised in west suburban Boston. After attending Colgate University as an undergraduate, Mickey spent some years in Ann Arbor where he received his MA in American Literature from the University of Michigan. He have lived in Santa Fe since 1994. Currently Mickey is researching material for a book about accidental procedure and artistic inspiration. He teaches workshops in mixed media and career development in his studios in Santa Fe and Tubac, Arizona.

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