abstract artist art painting photograph Michael-Teevan

Michael G Teevan

abstract artist art painting photograph Michael-Teevan

Abstract Artist: Michael G Teevan
Medium: Photography
Website: www.mgteevanphotography.com
Facebook Page: MGTeevanPhotography

This series is a melding of 2 of my passions – photography and science. Most often, photography is viewed as “reality”. Yet by its very nature the photograph is already removed from the “reality” we see by way of lenses, filters, apertures etc. With this in mind I decided to throw off the yoke of convention and instead create my own reality and to make my camera a part of it – the set of eyes viewing creation. To not be bound to this physical world but instead create my own landscapes – physical and emotional. And by doing so blur the lines of reality and fantasy and of painting and photography. Welcome to my world! I can only hope that this brings you as much joy to see as it has brought me to create!!

Philadelphia photographer, Michael Teevan, began experimenting with self-taught photography at age 38 – about 10 years ago. He remembers, “I was encouraged from an early age to express myself creatively through writing, music or the visual arts. Looking through the camera lens I became increasingly more intrigued and impassioned by color, form, shape and texture”. Starting off initially by focusing on macro and landscape photography, Mike was always more fascinated by the details that were typically missed with just the casual glance – the little worlds that were hiding if one were just to take a few moments more and really see what they were looking at. From there it was just a matter of combining two of his passions – photography and science. As described by a friend, “Photography is a way for Michael to embrace and release the creativity that has been hibernating inside him for too long. His photography is a medium that allows him to portray himself as he really is – exploring an alternative perspective, escaping from the common view. Capturing subjects that express oft-missed detail is his chance to share something that he otherwise would not – a beautiful escape”.

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