Abstract Artists Mauro Maris

Mauro Maris

Abstract Artist:  Mauro Maris
Medium:  Acrylic
Website:  www.mauromaris.com 

I am an Italian abstract painter with over 40 years of experience, my teacher was Mario Schifano. I paint abstract art in my studio located in the informal world’s most beautiful cities, Florence.

Mauro Mari, aka “Maris” was born in Siena on March 24, 1940 during the course of World War II. During adolescence he began to paint, but especially to seek his ideal method, considered unique even now, in 1968 began to exhibit his works first in Tuscany and after throughout Italy getting excellent results in both the public and critics Among his supporters there is the master “Mario Schifano”, who believe in his talent, took it under his arm at the beginning of his career and became his teacher and believing in him enough to create several works in collaboration.

Maris in 1972, opened an art gallery “San Frediano” that becomes a reference point for the Tuscan painting of the 70 and 80, at that time his works reach very high values of the market and therefore he moved to Florence, symbol of the city and an international reference point of the culture of that period. Since the 80’s to mid 90’s he work for art programs broadcast on national television, his experience is made available for the support of other colleagues, and its exhibitions are interrupted, the paintings produced in this period are few, but the study of new techniques proceeds away from the scene. With the arrival of the new millennium, he started to paint with more frequency and a new style took shape, his technique has been classified under the genus “Dripping”, but the originality of his works make it a single author in the world. Every picture of Maris is completely original, but in its collections are recognized his touch bold and unconventional. Each opera contains an introspective created by the combination of colors that create surreal images where each individual who observes it, he discovers a fantasy world differently, that belongs uniquely.

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