Abstract Art Painting by Abstract Artist Mary Chaplin

Mary Chaplin

Abstract Artist: Mary Chaplin
Medium: Acrylic, Oil
Website: www.marychaplin-peintreluministe.com

Creating is for me is an essential act that that I can not separate from my life. It is as important as the food my body needs to live. Painting is to travel, to listen to the canvas in front of me and interact with it to accept the work as it appears to me and not necessarily as I wanted it to be. Painting is expressing myself, turning feelings from deep down in my inner self into colour.

Mary Chaplin is a professional artist living in Picardy, France. She finds her inspiration in churches where light filtered through stained-glass windows provides her with a source of creation. Her paintings take you into the light and a world celebrating the ineffable. Result of a long internal development, her work reveals the emotion of moments that open like secret passages that transport you into the unique world of the artist. Mary Chaplin in her creative process is constantly looking for an interior architecture, building visions of sacred meaning, an understanding of the world around us. Discovering different places searching for light that brings its unique, ever changing identity to her creations. Painting becomes a path to meditation, and her paintings bridges to reach a world that words cannot express. There have been many positive articles written about Mary Chaplin’s work by the French press. Since 2005, she has regularly exhibited her abstract works in France and Belgium.

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