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Marion Rose

Artist: Marion Rose
Medium: Acrylics and Oils
Website: www.marionrose.com

Color surprises, bold texture and generous paint have always drawn collectors to my work, and now the paintings are bigger than ever before. The abstract spirit of every subject is coming through more clearly with spontaneous gestures that involve my whole body. It’s like a dance before the canvas, and the surface is coming alive!

One of the strongest influences on all of Marion’s art work is the exploration of many mediums. Broad passionate fast sweeps of pure color pastel, washes of flowing watercolor or calligraphic expressive lines of ink all come out in various ways in whichever medium she is using. Good energy, juicy paint and delicious color sum it up. Marion’s love for historic things led to a show of her work at the Moose Jaw Art Museum depicting many of their famous buildings and the city’s unique character. It also inspired two trips to Tuscany in the past four years, resulting in over 300 paintings of the wonderful charm of Italy. She has traveled to Montana and Yellowstone several times to see wildlife, historic wagon treks and ghost towns. She’s also been to three workshops in the mountains south of Livingston, MT to study with great artists such as Bill Reese, Robert Bateman, Jack Hines, sculptor Veryl Goodnight and many others. Workshops in Vancouver with Robert Genn, Neil Patterson, Mike Svob, Michael O’Toole and four years of printmaking and life painting at UCFV in BC round out her formal art education.

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