Abstract Art Painting by Mallorie Mae

Mallorie Mae

Abstract Artist: Mallorie Mae
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.malloriemae.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/malloriemaeartist

I use painting as a way to release emotions. Each piece is a part of me. I want to share with the world these most intimate fragments of my soul. On the best pieces, you can see all my emotions left right there on the canvas when it’s done. Showing someone my work is a defining moment for me. When someone shares with me the feelings they experience when looking at one of my paintings, that is what propels me forward and keeps me going. When I start, the creation is for me, but in the end if serves a much bigger purpose. I’m always looking for a new edge, materials or styles. I like to explore the use of atypical mediums. It’s about daring to do something different and standing apart from my fellow artists. I love abstract art because it is so open to interpretation. What I felt when creating may not be the same as what someone feels when viewing the piece. My current work is a lot of experimentation on my part. I’m trying a lot of new techniques and approaches. Each painting is becoming more intricate and complex. I feel that I improve with every piece I create. Each one is better than the last. It’s amazing to watch my work, and myself, evolve. Each day I am a better artist then I was yesterday. And that’s the only artist that you should ever compare yourself to.

Mallorie Mae is an artist who specializes in abstract artwork. While she enjoys painting, she also likes to explore other unconventional mediums. She has a collection of melted crayon art that isn’t something you’re likely to see every day. Mallorie is always daring to do something different to stand apart from her fellow artists. Recently, Mallorie was interviewed by “Today I Conversed With” an art blog out of Italy. In Spring of 2013 she will be featured in one of the first issues of the new magazine “The Glass Journal”. She was also selected as one of the featured artists in a recent charity event. Mallorie’s art adorns the walls of many homes across North America and her audience is rapidly expanding. Her home serves as her gallery, literally selling the art off her walls. She went to art school on and off for years studying Graphic Design and Fine Art. Mallorie took classes at Kutztown University and Bellevue University but given the funds and time restraints of a “starving artist” she was never able completed a degree, making her a self-taught artist. Ever since Mallorie was a little girl, being an artist was her dream but just a few years ago she started getting really serious about her art and perfecting her craft. Mallorie was born in Easton, Pennsylvania and then spent the rest of her life being somewhat of a drifter. But she fell in love with the City of New York after living there for a short time and ever since the day she left, she has been trying to find her way back.

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