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Amazing abstract art.

Larry Hunt

Artist: Larry Hunt
Medium: Metal, Automotive Paints
Website:  www.larryhuntart.com

Metal is self sustaining and resists change in shape and texture. Metal is strong. As I work with the metal we become a team. We bond with each other. As the metal resists me and my imagination and my tools, together we find the shapes we both can enjoy. During this discovery process each piece starts to tell me what colors it wants to be and textures it needs to bring the viewer into the piece.

Larry studied fine arts at American River College, Sacramento State College, California College of Arts and Crafts and San Francisco Art Institute. Larry has a passion with cars and motorcycles and enjoys working with metal and automotive paint. The shaping of the scrap sheet metals and steel is done with various types of welding equipment, hammers and heating techniques that allow Larry to create the images that reflect his enjoyment of the landscape. Larry had several one man shows in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area in the 60′s and for the past 18 months Larry has been working on his newest creations.


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