Abstract Artist Keith Adams

Keith Adams

Abstract Artist: Keith Adams (The Outlaw Artist)
Medium: Acrylic
Website:  www.keithadamsart.com

Ever read an artist statement and then say to yourself what in the world did I just read? Or as you’re reading it you stop and walk away shaking your head laughing to yourself trying to figure out what the artist was trying to say about themselves and their work…. I know I have So my artist statment is: “Hi, my name is Keith and I really love to paint”. If my art statement bores you, I challenge you to look at my work, I don’t think it will bore you. I’ve walked into too many galleries to see the same colors and styles of work over and over again, and I said to myself what can I do to make my work different, to stand out and the answer is to just be me. If you dig my work great if not, there is another artist down the street making really cool art and who is making silly statements about silly stuff you will never fully understand. Do people really take this stuff seriously?

Keith Adams also known as “The Outlaw Artist” is a contemporary abstract artist from North Carolina. He is probably best know for being arrested for “stealing” his own artwork thus becoming an outlaw. Since the age of 10 Adams after his first private art lesson Adams knew he always wanted to be an artist but his art instructors over the years frustrated him by telling him all the rules he was breaking every time he colored outside the lines. Once Keith discovered Abstract painting his world has never been quite the same. Creating works of art based on personal experience and his surroundings, Adam’s works are full or life and energy exploding with color!

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