Abstract Artist Juan Jose Catalan

Juan Jose Catalán

Abstract Artist: Juan Jose Catalán
Medium: Oil, Acrylic, Digital
Website: www.jjcatalan.com

I can not deny the intense seduction the realization of abstract painting exercises over my spirit. Thus I channel my personal universe, my experiences and sensations that once transformed into forms, colors and textures emerge on the canvas in a spontaneous and playful manner as if a new and unknown world is being created in every painting. This is something that only exists in me and that I can, through my hands, offer everyone.

Juan José Catalán is a well-educated artist with a vast and solid culture who studied at San Alejandro School of the Arts in Havana. He later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts at the University of Havana, Cuba. He has a vast experience in teaching art and graphic design. He is also experienced in urban and private space settings. Catalán is a well defined and versatile artist who is very demanding with himself and his artistic production. He has a firm stroke and knows how to generate hidden forces that complement his visual aesthetic by using a palette that, although does not renounce to the bright colors, is characterized by a sober and restrained color balance, thus demonstrating a high sensitivity and mastery of more advanced painting techniques. What defines Catalán’s art is his deep look into the human essence that he transmits into his paintings which captivates and enchants those who carefully observe his art, finding imagination, joy, dreams and soul. [Rosa Juampere, Arts Specialist]

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