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Johnathan Harris

Artist: Johnathan Harris
Medium: Acrylic
Website:  www.jhfineart.com

Art is a tranquil retreat for me and saved my life, quite literally.  Following a serious health scare in my 20′s, I turned to my art for an escape and started painting seriously. I’ve always been captivated by landscapes and nature but now long treks up mountains and through forests are more meaningful to me as the beauty and serenity of the natural world aided my recovery from illness. Creating artwork is my passion, a refuge from the modern world, a time for me to reflect and express; an absolute necessity for me to feel complete.  I prefer to focus on Southwestern landscapes not only for the naturally beautiful compositions, the colors and endless inspiration but also because of the effect of seasonal changes and variations due to light.

Johnathan Harris was born in 1975 in Arkansas. Very early in his life he discovered his passion for art. After visiting New Mexico at a young age, the beauty and charm of the Southwest landscape captivated him and soon became the subject matter for his paintings. Capturing the Vibrancy of the Southwest became the driving force behind his work. He is a self-taught artist who has been painting professionally (full-time) since 2004. He earned a Marketing Degree from the University of Arkansas in 2000. He always knew he was going to be an artist, but he chose to pursue a marketing degree rather than an art degree in order to better market and promote his art. Harris moved to Santa Fe, NM in 2001 to paint and pursue his goal of being a full-time artist. His artwork is represented in galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Canyon Road Contemporary Art, Inc.); Sedona, Arizona (Lanning Fine Art Gallery); Scottsdale, Arizona (Duley-Jones Gallery); Carmel by the Sea, California (Pearl Canyon Gallery); Memphis, Tennessee (T.Clifton Art Gallery).


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