Abstract Artist Joe Martino

Joe Martino

Abstract Artist: Joe Martino
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website:  www.joemartinoart.com

Although I am primarily an abstract expressionist artist, from time to time I paint in a more realistic or impressionistic style. I particularly enjoy exploring and experimenting with design, color and a variety of different media to give texture and interest. The discipline of content and composition is sometimes left to chance, often coming from a place that knows both intention and freedom of the artistic spirit and may involve little structured direction. From a spontaneous beginning, to the addition of layers of color and texture, my paintings evolve toward excitement and depth and emotion.

Joe Martino’s undergraduate and graduate training was in premed and the sciences. He has taught chemistry, anatomy, and marine biology and has worked as a resident artist in the schools in his hometown. Joe is a successful professional artist, traveling to many art festivals and art exhibits around the country to display and sell his work.  His paintings and palette have been described as “organic,” a term that he feels encompasses the essence of his work, as he is greatly influenced by science and nature. Joe has won numerous awards for his abstract paintings and he was recently featured as one of Stark County, Ohio’s finest artists in the book Stark ARThology and is one of the authors of the book Mixed Media Workshop by Walter Foster Publishing.

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