Abstract Art by Abstract Artist Jane Robinson

Jane Robinson

Abstract Artist: Jane Robinson
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.janerobinsonabstractart.com

My current work is inspired by the jazz music of early pioneers such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sonny Clarke and dozens of others. The movement, rhythm, instruments and “colour” of the music opens a portal to an unexplored world – through the looking glass. I encourage the viewer to lay aside their concept of what art “should” look like. Try to see and feel the movement, the rhythm, the composition at a very basic level. Don’t worry about “seeing something” in my work – let your intuition speak.

Michigan native Jane Robinson is an innovation contemporary emerging artist who works in acrylic paint and mixed media. Complex textures, created through layering various mediums, encourage curiosity about what lies beneath. Most viewers are attracted to particular pieces not only for the colors and composition but for the sculptural qualities as well. Jane believes that art transcends the barriers of geography, culture, color or faith. Art in all forms provide endless possibilities to stimulate our five senses – giving us an incredible journey to travel. Her work has been purchased by many private collectors and businesses all over the globe as well as the local college, Marriott, Comfort Inn, DePaul University and the University of Michigan.

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