Abstract Painting by Abstract Artist Jan van Oort

Jan van Oort

Abstract Painting by Abstract Artist Jan van Oort

Abstract Artist: Jan van Oort
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website: www.kunstoort.nl

I like to connect people to their inner self. I see our mind also as a limiter. Our education and upbringing, as well the various media’s, our society with its paradigms, imposes a burying of our inner self.  On the one hand, my paintings are full of drive, emotion, power and dynamism. It tells you “Have the guts to go out of the box and come in a state of mind where you are different, to connect with your inner self.” On the other hand my paintings are introverted, meditative. That is the other side beyond ‘knowing’. Being one with the whole, with that where you came from, before knowing, again, to connect with your inner self.

Jan was born in the south of Holland. He succeeded his education at the University for Architectural Designing (Delft) and build several projects at the Dutch Caribbean. Besides an artist painter, Jan is also saxophone player, architect, music composer, writer and concept designer for advertising.  He is presented by leading gallery’s in Holland like van den Broek gallery, Helenaveen; gallery Frederique van der Vlist, Leiden and gallery de Boog, Ysselstein.

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