James Dinverno Abstract Artist

James Dinverno

Abstract Artist: James Dinverno
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: www.jamesdinverno.com

It’s a full figured celebration of the inner beauty that radiates from the soul. Take the vixen pin-up bombshells of Russ Meyer, add a pop twist of Murakami, plus a textural retro garnish of Peter Max, and wahla! Bon Appetite, the sensual ‘Moyea’ collection is served.

Emerging American artist James Dinverno currently creates at his Los Angeles studio. He received formal training at the Columbus College of Art and Design and is gaining notoriety in the European art market with his recent ‘Moyea’ collection. A bold, visceral palette of form and color has anchored James as a visual alchemist among his collectors.  James is a published author; ‘Sanctum’, Minerva Press, London, UK; with recent verse and prose in ‘The American Drivel Review’ Vol. 5 Number 1 Summer 2008 edition. Prior exhibits of his artwork and travels in Greece have inspired him to create the ‘MOYEA’ collection (muse in Greek). Within this body of work, James explores the mythical lure of the nine Greek Muses in a graphically bold, contemporary context. Curvaceous, linear women, layered over explosive tonal collage, charm the viewer into the sensual power that radiates from the female form. James has opened the collection into exploring the multi ethnic muse of China, Japan, Korea, and India. Revealing the interplay of enlightened desire and inspiration is the bemusement in ‘MOYEA’.

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