Ingrid Arencibia


Abstract Artist: Ingrid Arencibia
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil
Website: www.ingarza.weebly.com

Painting for me is an outlet that lets me express my emotions with a freedom that I have not found in any other medium. My desire is to create unique works of art; sometimes peaceful, sometimes powerful and perplexing but always fresh and unexpected. I hope the complexities of the pieces envelope the viewers minds tempting them to come back to decipher and explore all its layers.

Ingrid Arencibia, a native of Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba, is a Florida based artist creating paintings that are representational of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Although her main inspiration is nature, she has been known to stray from time to time and find a burst of creativity in other subjects. Her system involves extracting the moving and colorful essence of natural landscapes by exploring the interaction between textures, layers, expressive brustrokes and bold colors. Most of her work is done in the abstract concentrating on the inspirational theme. Ingrid’s concern is with the singularity that evolves from the pure and essential form and transforming it into colorful compositions that evoke strong emotions.

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