Helen Wheatley Abstract Artist

Helen Wheatley

Abstract Artist: Helen Wheatley
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.HelenWheatley.com 

I have been painting for many years, but only recently discovered my passion to work freely, without any plan for what the finished piece will be. I flow, scrape, and fling paint and use various tools to create beautiful, lively bursts of color with unique textures and patterns. I work intuitively, acting and reacting, constantly responding to what I’ve just done. In this way, I find my moods and interests as well as my love of color are naturally reflected in my work. This process allows me to feel more personally involved with my art than I’ve ever felt before.

Helen Wheatley was born in Maryland and moved to Florida’s Space Coast in 1995 after a corporate downsizing left her looking for a new job. Inspired by Florida’s natural beauty, she began painting watercolors in 2000. Helen studied with fine artists from across the United States and it is this diversity of influence that has led to her unique style today. Helen now works in acrylics and her process is intuitive. She layers paint over texture, using a minimum of brushwork, relying instead, on using tools and found items to create exciting and unpredictable effects.

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