Abstract Artist Genie Maples

Genie Maples

Abstract Artist: Genie Maples
Medium: Oil, Graphite, Watercolor
Website:  www.geniemaples.com

My artistic life took root in 2001, and I have worked professionally since 2002. I find inspiration in intimacy with my materials, quiet reflection, and hours laboring at the easel. I believe unabashedly in the transformative power of beauty. Beauty and prettiness sometimes converge, and are other times at odds. I craft an engaging, precarious balance of line, composition, tonality, and color relationship. One strong element can infatuate, but it takes more complexity to sustain interest over the long haul. I aim for both. My major works are built over months in many layers of editing, obscuring and expounding. Quick alla prima works help me retain a spontaneity that informs my primary work and keeps it fresh. I find myself continually reaching for a level of accomplishment just outside my grasp. Moving that bar with every painting is how growth happens. It’s growth that drives my work.

Genie Maples began her artistic life in 2001, when art projects with her children took a more serious turn. Completely self-taught, Maples has earned a regional reputation for excellence and authenticity. Her works hang in collections across the country and in over a dozen countries.

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