Abstract Art by Gabor Csaszar

Gabor Csaszar

Abstract Artist: Gabor Csaszar
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media, Plexiglas, Collage
Website:  www.sites.google.com/site/gaborcsaszarweb

As an artist painter, I am inspired by different materials when I create paintings and other art objects. Through this work I find problems and I realise some projects reflecting on that.

Gabor Csaszar was born on 15th november 1967, in Budapest, Hungary. After his academical studies he became a well educated painter and a young teacher. He began his career as a non-figurative artist, his works have been inspired by 20th century’s modern tendences. He was influenced by some great contemporary painters e.g. Malevich, Kandinsky and also his Hungarian masters, like Ilona Keserü or others as well. He has began to find new ways, astounding forms and to find new references in his artistic career. Some decades later his works showed motifs of Hungarian folklore, mixed with geometrical and individual forms. His paintings and mobile objects are excellent representation of this trend. He tried to expand his pictures to the three-dimensional space by turning to those objects, and he also used different materials to make extraordinary effects.

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