Abstract Art by Francisco Gandarillas

Francisco Gandarillas

Abstract Artist: Francisco Gandarillas
Medium: Oil
Contact: puertoclarito@hotmail.com

The most abstract painting proposition is that human beings are essentially abstract beings and abstract painting is the way to perceive it and feed it.  In the metaphysical sense the object of painting is not to paint physical objects and reality, the space is the object of the abstract paintings. Knowing the difference is vital to practice abstract art. To develop the sensibility and all of the new feelings that the new perception of the abstract painting action brings you in the space of the canvas is the task of the abstract painters.

Francisco Gandarillas is a Spaniard from Leon, in Castilla kingdom in the corner  border with Portugal.  He was a student in the 80th in Circulo de Bellas Artes of Madrid with Pablo Palazuelo and Julio Le Park among others where he learned ¨Peña Estudio.¨   Gandarillas  spends most of the time painting and traveling in several countries around the word.

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