Abstract Artists Elf Evans

Elf Evans

Abstract Artists Elf Evans
Abstract Artist: Elf Evans
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media, Photography
Website: www.elfandkaroevans.com

Abstract Expressionism is my chosen method of communicating, to an observing audience, the many twists and turns existing in my
imagination and the previously non thought idea of how the final result would appear.

Elf began his career in Los Angeles California, after standing guard in LACMA, overlooking many of the world’s finest works of art.  Inspired by the works of such as Piet Mondrian, Hans Hoffman, Jackson Pollock and countless others He became hooked. Elf studied at Hollywood Art Centre School on the G.I. Bill as well as Santa Monica College. His drip paintings are the most recognizable of his abstracts, usually done on stretched canvas. Most recently including twigs, branches and found objects since moving from Seattle Washington to Saint-Malo France. His most recent works have included White on White paintings from the “Less is More Series” Stay tuned for more to come.

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