Abstract Art Painting by Dorit Ruff

Dorit Ruff

Abstract Artist: Dorit Ruff
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website: www.doritruff.co.il

My paintings are part of a process of development and change I’m going through and they reflect, feelings and thoughts I had at the time. Each painting is unique and made with lots of love. Most of them acrylic on canvas, mixed technique, made with, palette knife, brushes, sponges, hands and more. FROM THE VERY HEART OF MY CREATIVITY.

Dorit Ruff was born in 1958 in Israel, over the years, developed a long career as senior manager in the industry. Two years ago, after retirement from work, Dorit started to study art in a professional studio, learning and gaining exposure to art, painting techniques, knowledge of art history as she began to create her unique abstract art. During this time she has presented her works in several group exhibitions. Today painting has become a very important part of her life and her new future.