Abstract Artist Diana Farace

Diana Farace

Abstract Artist: Diana Farace
Medium: Photography, Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website: www.suddeninspirations.com

I have always been inclined towards the “abstract and unusual” in my thinking, acting, and dressing. From sketching funky and muted faces to out of control painted abstracts and drastic digital manipulation of photos, I never have a preconceived notion of how any piece is going to turn out. I strive to avoid realism at all times, and work at creating the unusual defying anything conservative. My “mood” at any given point throughout the creative process is quite evident, and I live in the moment with my work. I allow the outcome to take me wherever IT wants to go. My creations are as unpredictable and unexpected as I am, and that is what makes them so unique.

Diana Farace was born and raised in New York City and traveled through Europe after marrying a USAF Officer. Diana put her creative endeavors on the back burner while working as a professional in various industries. Her workshop/studio is now her office and haven from the everyday.  Her website keeps her continually challenged to create on a daily basis.

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